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Your contribution helps re-spread the ideas of voluntary exchange, private property and non-aggression as distinctly Canadian principles.

These are not “American” or “Western Canadian” ideas. Liberty is part of the Canadian identity. Consider Janet Azjenstat’s words,

“We’ve got a one-size national identity that doesn’t fit all our citizens. Consider the matter of gun registration. It’s probable that the majority of Canadians favour laws to compel registration of long guns. And in a liberal democracy the majority makes the decisions for all, through our representatives in the legislature. So on one level there’s no problem. Most Canadians want gun laws, and all Canadians are going to get them. That’s the way a democracy works. Everything’s fair and square. Or is it?

Remember the standard description of the Canadian identity says that we’re a people who favour law and order. We leave law and order to the professionals. We “naturally” shrink from carrying guns. It follows that true Canadians will favour gun control as a a matter of course. It’s in keeping with our identity. But think! What about those opposed? Are we supposed to regard them as less than fully Canadian? Shall we say that they don’t quite measure up in the Canadian identity stakes? It’s one thing to lose a debate in the legislative arena. It happens all the time. It’s part of living in a liberal democracy – but it’s another thing to have one’s national identity called in question.

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